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School Tennis Lessons

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All tennis lessons at St Pius X Prepatory School and Oak House Nursery run through Roots Tennis, and have a set syllabus that is unique to St Pius X and Oak House. This is in line with all LTA ball colours and in keeping with national framework.


Sessions consist of skills and hand eye/ object eye coordination development with a Level 1 and Level 2 certificate, followed by a bronze, silver, and gold certificate which involve tactical, technical and movement aspects of tennis that become more advanced as each level is completed.


To coincide with the lessons, Roots Tennis is developing an online page where pupils can work on specific aspects of the sessions at home through fun exercise and games with parents, or individually. This consists of videos detailing such exercises that support the levels and syllabus within each age group and session.


The sessions at school consist of a skills section, tactical, technical, and movement elements specific to the childs tennis development. All sessions consist of tennis specific games that relate to each stage, whether it be skills for level 1 or through to the final, Key Stage 2 gold stage. Sessions are all delievered in a fun, informative, and structured way using over 17 years of experience.

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