Portal for Players/ parents

Welcome to our pupil online portal.


We are pleased to announce we have teamed up with some of the greatest tennis minds in the world of tennis at “onemoreball”.


onemoreball.com provides the worlds newest form of online tennis education. 


A virtual global tennis club, with its own virtual tennis club house. This is with a difference. The team of coaches are leading experts in their fields. Every coach shares a common purpose to improve players through online education that is structured with tried and tested drills Every coach is still working on court bringing their lessons and knowledge to you.


Stuart has joined the coaching team as part of the junior section as a schools development specialist. 


onemoreball “kids skills” has now become the online parent/pupil portal for roots tennis. Here you will find step by step instruction and skills needed to develop a well rounded tennis player.


The kids skills program has been developed by experienced coaches with starter pupils in mind creating a pathway that will lead them in to a better game. 

If you are not a roots tennis pupil do not worry one more ball is available to everyone and will aid you on your tennis journey. coaching readily available at your fingertips with simple progressive instruction. We would love to welcome you and help you find your winning formula.


"To be able to make a difference globally working with other coaches of top level is a coaching dream. onemoreball's passion,ethos and drive is something I believe in. I feel one more ball has the potential to reach the world of tennis in a way that has never been done before. a global network for all things tennis and I’m proud to let my students be a part of the one more ball family" - Stuart Grice 


onemoreball is £3.99 a month making it one of the most affordable coaching sites in the world.


As of September one more ball kids skills will form our certification and core syllabus tasks. Your child will then be presented with a certificate when they have completed all the tasks in each level. There are 10 levels in total.